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Children’s Referendum: A YES vote is a Vital First Step

Press Release | 24th October 2012

A YES Vote is a Vital First Step


Children’s Rights Referendum is only the Start of a Process


Speaking at a press conference today in which a number of Independent TDs called for a YES vote in the upcoming Children’s Rights Referendum, Catherine Murphy TD (Ind N.Kildare) said that the referendum represents a significant and positive step towards the protection of children in our society but it is not the end of the process.

“This referendum is a starting point statement. The ensuing legislation must be a living thing that produces a system which protects our children into the future. It cannot be something that sits on a shelf.”

“Recognition of the child in his/her own right; sufficient protections for the family-and proportionate responses when warranted; addressing the complicated issue of adoption – these are all extremely positive aspects of the proposed legislation but they cannot be enshrined in our Constitution and then forgotten about.”

“This Government will not be judged on passing this referendum, it will be judged on how it subsequently acts on foot of this legislation. Milestones must be measured to ensure accurate protection of our young people; how we spend our budgets, Social Worker Recruitment, responses to things like the St. Patrick’s Institution report…it is factors such as these that will be the measure of how this society protects its children.”

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