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Kildare deserves a Dip in the Funding Pool

Press Release | 19th February 2013

Catherine Murphy TD today tabled a Priority Question to the Minister of State for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Michael Ring, regarding the allocation of swimming pools under the Local Authority Swimming Pool programme, and in particular highlighted the case for North Kildare.
Deputy Murphy challenged the Minister on the fact that no new rounds of funding have been available for the scheme since the year 2000 and as a result, Kildare who had abided by the rules of the original scheme in only applying for 2 facilities for the entire County, now finds itself with a large population not adequately served by the facilities. Four Councils stepped outside the rules of the scheme and requested and were awarded four pools, three other Councils requested and got approval for 3 pools.


Minister Ring confirmed that no date has been agreed for the opening of any new funding round. Deputy Murphy urged him to press other Local Authorities to either ‘commit or get out’ of the scheme in order that funding not being used can be transferred to an area where it can be utilised.

“If funding is not being used by some Local Authorities why then can’t that funding be transferred to Local Authorities in areas where people are crying out for the facilities? In Northern Ireland there is one pool for every 32,000 people, Scotland has one for every 15,000 people and the average in Ireland is one for every 58,000 people however Kildare has only 2 pools to service a population of 210,000-so one for every 105,000-almost double the national average.”


Minister Ring accepted the situation was unacceptable and committed to issuing an ultimatum to other Local Authorities to either ‘get in or get out.’ He acknowledged Deputy Murphy’s frustration in relation to North Kildare and pledged to move forward with the process.


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