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Missing Our 2020 Emission Targets Costs Us Cold Hard Cash

Social Democrat TD for Kildare North Catherine Murphy has criticised today’s admission by Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly that Ireland will not reach its 2020 emission reduction targets, confirming what many have been warning about for some time.

Speaking today Catherine Murphy said:

“This Government made grand pronouncements about addressing the climate crisis when they came into office – instead what we’ve seen, at every turn, have been moves to weaken and dilute Ireland’s response both at home and in our contributions at European level.”

“Our own climate legislation, only being passed at the very end of their five year term, is amongst the weakest in Europe. It’ll be 2021 before we even see its planned-for measures starting to take effect.”

“Instead of taking the incremental and essential steps towards helping make our energy use more secure and sustainable; the Government have decided to throw taxpayers money at the problem to try and make the problem disappear. Instead of dealing with the problems today, they’ve handed our children, and future governments, an even bigger financial headache.”

“In Ireland, we could stand to gain substantially by taking incremental steps towards reducing our dependency on imported fossil fuels; by investing now in high capacity public transport; by encouraging energy efficiency in the home. All of these measures would also go substantially towards meeting our emissions reduction targets and avoiding fines”.

“The Government have turned this win-win scenario into a lose-lose for all of us.”

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