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Government Parties and Attorney General Have Questions to Answer

Social Democrat TD Catherine Murphy has reiterated her call to Minister Noonan & Taoiseach Enda Kenny to outline the legal advice they received prior to the establishment of the Commission of Investigation into IBRC.

Catherine Murphy says it is imperative for the public to know if the Attorney General failed to foresee what appears to have been a very obvious legal impediment to the Inquiry or if the Government was made aware of this impediment but proceeded anyway knowing that the Commission was an expensive exercise in futility.

“We need to understand the process that has led to such a fiasco on a vital matter of public interest. It is extremely difficult to believe that the foremost legal mind in the country did not anticipate problems arising in relation to confidentiality and access to the banking data of debtors of IBRC. Given that there was such a debacle in how the Siteserv and wider IBRC issues were handled at the outset it is staggering to think that there has been yet another epic misstep on this issue.”

“At the outset there was much cynicism in the public domain about how serious Government were in seeking answers and whether or not the Commission was being used simply to kick the issues to touch. The revelations over the weekend would certainly seem to support that view. In the meantime all my Freedom of Information requests and Parliamentary Questions have been refused on the basis that the Commission was supposedly underway.”

“The dogs on the street could see that the Commission had run into problems and was not progressing as it should and in October I tabled Questions to the Minister asking him to detail any problems; to let us know if there were any delays or problems in accessing data; and to give us an update of the progress.  For the Taoiseach and other Government Ministers to say that they were not aware of any issues until Judge Creegan’s letter was received on Friday last is simply incredulous.

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