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Susi Grant Disparity Highlights Educational Inequality

Social Democrats Councillor & Dublin Central election candidate Gary Gannon has said he is not at all surprised by today’s reports showing significant disparity in the numbers accessing 3rd level grants based on geography.

Councillor Gannon referred to an article by Ryan Nugent in The Evening Herald back in August which highlighted these figures and showed that his own area of Dublin Central has the lowest uptake of 3rd level grants in the entire country.

Speaking today Councillor Gannon said:

“It is interesting that the narrative in today’s media has been the discrepancy between the likes of Donegal & Dublin and the reason being given for the higher proportion of grants awarded to Donegal is because of lower average incomes. Yet the more fundamental concern, particularly in north inner city Dublin, is the numbers of people actually going into 3rd level education.”

“There is an issue of educational inequality based on demographics that cannot be ignored. The progression rates to 3rd level from areas such as my own Dublin Central are among the lowest in the country and that is the real reason why the numbers of grants awarded in that area are as low as they are. It is that issue which must be addressed.”

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