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Housing Rally Represents Another Year of Government Inaction on Housing Emergency

The Social democrats joined forces with a number of organisations including other political parties and Unions to mark the one year anniversary of the death of Jonathan Corrie on our streets and to urge the Government to declare a national emergency.

Speaking at the commemoration Social Democrats TD Catherine Murphy said:

“A year on from the tragic death of Jonathan Corrie we have had nothing more than platitudes and disingenuous announcements from Government and lots of bombastic talk about billions supposedly being invested but the reality is far from it. Most of those promises refer to 5 and 6 years down the road, long after this Government will have left office. Even the money that is being invested is mostly going into the HAP programme which is actually reliant on the private sector for social housing.”

“Every single day more and more families are facing live on the streets or are already there. There are families in hostels, hotels, family and friends couches etc. who should all be considered as homeless. The problem is no longer a crisis it is an emergency and we are calling on the Government today to declare it as such and react accordingly.”

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