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Election 2016 – Why I’m Looking For Your Support

The Dáil has been dissolved and we have now hit the campaign trail in earnest.

This election presents a stark choice for the electorate – to buy into the outgoing Government’s false line that what they call ‘stability’ has been good for this country. ‘Stability’ where thousands of children live in poverty. ‘Stability’ where unbalanced economic growth is pursued at all costs. ‘Stability’ where thousands of people spend years on housing waiting lists, and young families sleep in cars. ‘Stability’ where major decisions are hidden, kept to the same small group of people, and are dangerously open to the influence of powerful interests.

Or to choose better; to make a positive, informed choice on the ballot paper for a person and a party that is thinking long term, whose candidates are concerned about social inequalities, about opaque decision-making, and about providing real support to small businesses.

This sums up the Social Democrats’ vision: Honest Politics; Strong Economy; Fair Society.

You can read all of our detailed proposals in our Manifesto [access here].

I will be out on the campaign trail every day till election day explaining this vision to the people of Kildare North, and to the Irish electorate as a whole. I welcome any and all questions from voters about any aspect of the Social Democrats’ platform – please don’t hesitate to call, email or write.

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