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As a country with few natural resources, we have to invest in creating an educated workforce which will both attract outside investment and act itself as a source of enterprise and business creation. 


This has been emphasise in a long series of export reports.  Yet by European standards, investment in education in Ireland remains low.  Lack of funds cannot be used as an excuse.  Education is the basis of wealth creation in Ireland.  If we do not invest in education we will always be faced with a lack of funds.  We need to:

 As a first step, reduce class sizes in Kildare to the national average.

  • At national level, reduce class sizes to European norms.
  • Ensure that all schools have adequate accommodation and are properly equipped as regards computers, libraries, sports facilities etc.
  • Provide a 3rd level grants system adequate fro the needs of families/students on low to middle incomes.
  • Make a major commitment to lifelong learning, in order to continuously upgrade the skills and education levels of the population. 


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