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Welcome to the Election Update for General Election 2007.  Below you’ll find some general election & voter registration information as well as information on local and election issues.


Check to see if you’re registered to vote: 


Not on the register? Unfortunately the deadline for entering your name onto the register of electors was Saturday 5th May and so if you are not registered will not be able to vote in this election.  But you can ensure that this doesn’t happen again by printing this form, having it stamped by a Garda and returning it to the Franchise Section of Kildare County Council at Áras Chill Dara, Devoy Park, Naas, Co Kildare.



Day 18

No Multi-Storey Carpark for Leixlip’s Riverdale

Press Release, 16th May 2007 – Day 18

Catherine Murphy, TD (Ind) has today strongly welcomed An Bord Pleanála’s decision to uphold Kildare County Council’s refusal of a planning application to build 45 apartments and a multi-story carpark on Leixlip’s Captain’s Hill.  Murphy, who objected to the planning application, cited her relief that the matter is now settled and that the residents of Riverdale Estate, whose public green space would have been used to build the development had it been permitted, have been protected from the unscrupulous attempt by a developer to return to a housing estate of almost 30 years, reclaim a public open space and build a multi-story development… read on.



Day 17

Constitutional Challenge – High Court Proceedings to Start Today

Press Release, 15th May 2007 – Day 17

The full hearing of a constitutional challenge taken by Independent TDs Catherine Murphy and Finian McGrath to the legitimacy of the current Dáil Constituency Boundaries as defined under the Electoral (Amendment) Act, 2005 is to commence today Tuesday 15th May 2007, at 11am in the Distilliary Building of the High Court… read on.



Day 13

Medical Card Processing Must Become More Efficient

Press Release, 11th May 2007 – Day 13

Catherine Murphy, TD (Ind) is seeking for HSE bosses to review the application systems in place within the organisation in order that clients are only required to complete a minimal amount of paperwork when applying for or seeking to retain their medical card.  The North Kildare TD stated “I get a lot of queries from people who perhaps have a long-term or degenerative condition that they are not going to recover from but are required to re-apply for their medical card year after year.  It’s beyond belief that people with conditions such as MS or with syndromes such as Downs Syndrome must provide documentation on an annual basis to prove that they have not been cured miraculously.”… read on.



Day 12

Murphy & McGrath Constitutional Challenge Hearing To Take Place On Tuesday 15th May

Press Release, 10th May 2007 – Day 12

The full hearing of a constitutional challenge taken by Independent TDs Catherine Murphy and Finian McGrath to the legitimacy of the current Dáil Constituency Boundaries as defined under the Electoral (Amendment) Act, 2005 is to commence on Tuesday 15th May 2007… read on.



Day 11

Murphy Strongly Urges Council To Fast Track Planning Process For Proposed Kill School

Press Release, 9th May 2007 – Day 11

Catherine Murphy, TD (Ind.) has today strongly urged Kildare County Council to deal speedily with a planning application for the long-awaited Kill National School in order that it may be delivered to the people of Kill in shortest possible space of time.  Murphy’s comments came in reaction to news that the planning permission decision date has again been pushed back as Kildare County Council have requested clarification from the school on information they have recently supplied regarding the application… read on.



Day 10

Murphy Demands Firm Commitment on Childcare

Press Release, 8th May 2007 – Day 10

Catherine Murphy, TD (Ind) is calling for an end to political gesturing on the issue of Childcare and for a demonstrated and creative commitment to be made by those parties seeking to form the next Government on the ongoing Childcare Crisis.  “We’ve had a lot of lip-service paid to this issue but not a lot of action and it’s time that this changed.  The next Government must look at this problem creatively as one size does not fit all in terms of childcare need.”… read on.



Day 9

Murphy Demands True Funding Commitment on Recycling By Government

Press Release, 7th May 2007 – Day 9

Catherine Murphy, TD (Ind) has today called on both Central and Local Government to commit improved funding to the establishment of new recycling facilities and services for the residents of Kildare.  The North Kildare TD also highlighted the fact that there is not one Civic Recycling Centre in Kildare forcing residents to travel into neighboring counties to use their facilities… read on.



Day 8

Time To Build Communities, Not Just Houses

Press Release, 6th May 2007 – Day 8

After a full week of election campaigning Catherine Murphy, TD (Ind) in summing up the bulk of election issues presenting themselves on the doorsteps this May has demanded that the next Government change the way development and growth occurs all over the country, however specifically in the commuter belt counties such as Kildare, in order that communities and not just houses are built in the coming years.  Furthermore she is demanding that significant ground be made up on schools, healthcare, transport and social / leisure facilities in areas that have experienced significant housing development without the necessary expansion of services & facilities to match. … read on.



Day 7

Education Systems Needs Overhaul; Funding System Punishing Schools in Growing Areas

Press Release, 5th May 2007 – Day 7

Catherine Murphy, TD (Ind) has today demanded that the means by which the Department of Education & Science allocates capital, resource and staff investment to schools be amended to pay more attention to future need.  The current system demands that schools operate at a deficit before a need for increased accommodation, staff or resources is recognised by the Department and this is leading to the overcrowding seen in growing communities. … read on.



Day 6

Stop Fighting Against Parents And Start Funding Special Education

Press Release, 4th May – Day 6

Catherine Murphy, TD (Ind.) has again today condemned the “abject failure” of the current Government to make policy and meaningfully invest in special education and has demanded that “the excuses stop and the action begin”.  “It’s simply unacceptable that the Government blaming the paltry investment made in special education over the past 5 years for the current school place crisis.  Any staff, resource or accommodation investment in special education should be provided for over and above that of the mainstream school population; they’re cheating everyone by claiming to have chosen investment in special education.” … read on.



Day 5

Nursing Dispute Must Be Resolved Before Election

Press Release, 3rd May 2007 – Day 5

Catherine Murphy, TD (Ind) has today expressed her disappointment that talks between the HSE and the nursing unions collapsed yesterday and has expressed her hope that they can recommence in the interest of both nurses and patients. “This situation is completely unacceptable and all efforts must be made to bring an end to the dispute on this side of the election.   With the health service stretched to the limit it is the nursing staff that bears the brunt of overcrowding and it is the nursing staff that has been committed to patient care in an impossible environment.” … read on.



Day 4

Transport 21 Must Be Updated to Better Include Kildare Commuters

Press Release, 2nd May 2007 – Day 4

Catherine Murphy, TD (Ind) has again warned that the transport crisis experienced by Kildare commuters requires urgent action on the part of the next Government.  She specifically stressed the need for Kildare, along with other commuter counties, to receive comprehensive inclusion in the Transport 21 plans and any other infrastructural plans made into the future.  The North Kildare TD pointed out that although the Kildare train line is to be four tracked (a project which will lead to the separation of commuter from intercity services onto two dedicated sets of train lines), provision has only been made for this between Hazelhatch in Celbridge and Heuston Station.  Those using Sallins and Newbridge services will not benefit directly from this four tracking. … read on.

Murphy & McGrath in High Court Today on Constitutional Challenge

Press Release, 2nd May 2007 – Day 4

A constitutional challenge taken by Independent TDs, Catherine Murphy and Finian McGrath, is again before the High Court this afternoon.  The details are as follows: … read on .



Day 3

 Murphy Highlights Housing As Major Issue With Kildare Voters

Press Release, 1st May 2007 – Day 3

Catherine Murphy, TD (Ind) has indicated her anticipation that many Kildare voters will raise housing issues such as affordability, stamp duty reform, management companies and unfinished estates with politicians on the doorsteps in the run up to this year’s May 24th election… read on.



Day 2

Murphy Details a Number of Election Issues She Intends to Pursue

Press Release, 30th April 2007 – Day 2

Catherine Murphy, TD (Ind) has today set out her election priorities in the wake of the dissolution of the Dáil today and the announcement that General Election 2007 will take place on 24th May 2007.  Murphy, who sees herself as a community advocate, has stated her continued commitment to pursuing Kildare issues at national level… read on.



Day 1

The Race is On, 24th May 2007 Announced as Election Day

Press Release, 29th April 2007 – Day 1

With the commencement of General Election 2007 today I’d like to highlight the primary issues I’ll be speaking about over the coming month.  Looking at the list below though, the most striking thing for me is the factor that links all 9, Planning.  The vast majority of issues facing Kildare today stem from the outright failure to plan the delivery of services in tandem with houses, and with Kildare’s population now ranking at 4th largest in the country it’s little wonder that public transport, roads, schools and health facilities are becoming more crowded by the day.

I’m looking for a change in how we do things at a national level to ensure local changes are made to improve the quality of life of all members of the community.  What we seem to have at present is a mish mash of short-term solutions to long-term problems and a bad national habit of crisis creation.  As an independent public-representative I have the advantage of answering only to the people I represent and not to a party headquarters.  I hope to have your support on election day so I can continue to put Kildare issues to the forefront of national policy into the next Dáil.

Election Issues

Education, Childcare, Health, Policing & Security, Environment, Transport, Planning Communities (Not Just Houses), Disability & Special Needs, Your Home & You


Pre-Election Statements


Murphy & McGrath take Attorney General and Environment Minister to High Court Over Failure to Ensure That Every Vote is Equal, press release 8th April 2007 … read Statement of Claim lodged with the High Court on Thursday 5th April 2007, Government due to respond by Friday 13th April 2007



The impact that the under funding of Kildare County Council is having on our rural roads network as raised with the Minister for the Environment, Mr Dick Roche… Kildare Now Boast 4th Largest Population in Ireland but Can’t Afford Rural Road Upgrades, press release 29th March 2007.  Read also the full text of my debate on the issue with Minister for the Environment, Mr Dick Roche TD.

Catherine Murphy, TD (Ind) and Joe Higgins, TD (SP) have called a public meeting in the Red Cow Moran’s Hotel on the Naas Road, at 11am this Saturday 24th March 2007, to raise the issue of Management Companies and Unfinished Housing estates.  Deputies Murphy and Higgins will … read on.



 This Week in the Dáil


The Dáil was dissolved on Sunday 29th April 2007 for General Election 2007 and will not sit again until after the formation of the 30th Dáil.  My election to the Dáil in bi-election 2005 has allowed me to highlight numerous Kildare issues at a national level and I hope to have the opportunity to continue this work into the next Dáil.  I’m asking for your number 1 Vote on 24th May 2007 to ensure that this can happen.


For more detail see the, or watch / listen to debates live via media streaming.

Archived Dáil Debates

The full text of Dáil, Seanad and Committee Debates from all previous sessions can be viewed here.  for those interested in watching debates unfold in real time please visit the new live webcast facility.

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Who Is Catherine Murphy?

In short, I’m an Independent TD and see myself primarily as a community advocate. I take my orders directly from the people of Kildare and not a party HQ, which means that I use all the resources available to me as a TD to promote and seek delivery on issues concerning the people of Kildare.

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