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Board of Directors 2008 to Present


I’m currently on the board of directors of TASC which is an independent think-tank dedicated to combating Ireland’s high level of economic inequality and ensuring that public policy has equality at its core.  

This is an extremely valuable organization that I’m only too happy to be a part of.

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Chairperson of Kildare Community Network 2004-2005


I was the chairperson of the Kildare Community Network until my election to Dáil Éireann in March 2005. It is a non-profit company set up to manage and develop the website for the benefit of communities in County Kildare. It promotes ICT among members of the community and among community & voluntary organisations in County Kildare, encouraging them to participate fully in the information society. 

The County Kildare Community Network is the product of a partnership of various agencies, the main ones being Action South Kildare (ASK), Kildare County Council, and FÁS.

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Alternate Member of the EU Committee Of The Regions 2002-2005 


The CoR is a consultative assembly of the European Union charged with the task of issuing opinions on proposals for Community legislation and it is composed of representatives of local and regional authorities.

The decision to establish this assembly was prompted by the need to consult the public authorities closest to the citizen on European Union (EU) proposals of direct interest to them. Given that they are responsible for implementing programmes or applying new legislation membership of the committee is comprised, for example, of mayors, town, city & county councillors, and regional presidents

CoR members are responsible both for providing other European institutions with the local and regional point of view on Union proposals and for informing their citizens about the Community policies adopted and managed by the European Union.

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Chairperson of the Leixlip & County Kildare Centres For The Unemployed 2004-2005


I acted as chairperson of the Leixlip Resource Centre for the Unemployed until my election to Dáil Éireann in March 2005. This centre is one of three that make up the County Kildare Centres for the Unemployed and I am currently a member of their County Board of Directors.

The Centres are, in the main, run by participants on Community Employment Schemes assisted by FÁS. In the past the main focus of the centres was on unemployment and they enjoy an excellent progression rate to employment for participants. However, these organisations are a major source of information on a broad range of issues for the community with, for example, the Leixlip Centre catering for in excess of 5000 queries each year.

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The Centres for the unemployed are linked to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions


Member 1994-1998

The DTO was set up to implement the Dublin Transportation Initiative, and while only part of County Kildare was included in the original study, its remit was broadened to include transport planning for all of County Kildare. The DTO administers European and National funding for it’s catchment area.

I am a former vice-chairperson of the Consultative Panel and was one of two members of that panel selected to sit on the Dublin Taxi Forum where my remit was to represent consumer interests.

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Member of The Commission on The Family 1996-1998

This Commission was established following the last divorce referendum and it’s final report to Government in 1998 “Strengthening Families for Life” contains a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the issues affecting families and wide-ranging recommendations across several different policy areas.

The report also contains some original and significant research work which the Commission has undertaken, including;

  • a national survey on the childcare arrangements which families make
  • sociological research on fathers and their role in family life
  • and, an overview of family policy in Ireland.


The Commission’s main findings and recommendations are presented in terms of desirable outcomes for families.

Read the rull report here: The Commission on the Family