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This section of the site concerns Social Welfare, or as it’s now called “Social Protection”.  With the growth in unemployment and the changes to the social welfare system that have  occurred in recent years, and are  set to continue occurring, this system has been coming under increasing pressure to provide for an expanding and aging population at a time of extreme austerity.

I have particluar concerns regarding the amount of decisions that are appealed each year concerning social welfare applications, as well as regarding application time themselves.  Unfortunately as a result of funding & staffing cutbacks the decpartment of Social Protection is itself under significant strain at present. 

I would like to see a thorough appraisal carried out on the system and the Department in order that the staff concerned can be better supported in their efforts to discharge the ever-increasing workload before them.  This would have the knock-on effect of allowing applicants for and recipients of social welfare payments to access the services they need with ease, transparency and speed.

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